...Heart Lover.: Cik ReD mencabar saya.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cik ReD mencabar saya.

Tajuk macam mahu cari gaduh. HAHAHA. Cik ReD sila ambil perhatian. =P

Rules And Regulation:
it's harder than it looks copy this to your own notes,
erase my answer
enter yours,
tag twenty (20) people
use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions,
they have to be real, nothing made up if the person before u had the same first initial, u must use different answer,
u cannot use any words twice and u can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

what is your name: dG.
a four letter word: Down.
a boy's name: Dafi. 
a girl's name: Dewi.
an occupation: Doctor.
a colour: Dark blue. 
something ur wear: Denim.
a food: Dark chocolate.
something found in the bathroom: Door?
a place: Dining room.
a reason to being late: Don't have any. =P
something u shout: Deym! HAHAHA
a movie title: Duyung.
something u drink: Drinking water. Boleh?
a musical group: Dmasiv. Cinta ini membunuhku. HA HA HA [gelak mendatar.]
an animal: Dog.
a street name: Jalan Duta, KK. 
a type of car: Daihatsu??

Tag 20 5 people:
Syasya Imani
Nenek Moden
Fara Dee Dilah

Sekian. =)


2 Respondent(s):

~ ReD ~ said...

mueheheh...tq la dear sebab jawab.ni yg sis syg dia lebih ni...lalala;)

♥dG♥ said...

sis, syg je lbih ke? blnja2 mkn xada? HEHEHE! =P