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Friday, December 30, 2011

Let It Snow?

December 25th.
Genting Highland.
6 of us.

8.30am from KL Sentral, arrived in Genting around 9.30am. A bit late due to crosswind.

Apis missed the bus. Hahahahaha! Liat sangat nak bangun tidoq. :P

I guess these rainy days affect the temperature in Genting. Seriously, it's too cold!! Macam ada salji! I've been wearing 'mittens'(ice skating gloves to be exact) for all day long!

Oh. I borrow this paw from Yuki for a while before decided
to wear those 'mittens' . T_T

Frankly, aku kecewa. Most of the popular thrill rides were temporary closed due to maintenance and bad weather. Rugi rugi rugi!

Still, I'm enjoying my day. :)

Here is a list.
Spinner, Tea Cup, Antique Car, Matahari Ferris Wheels, Pirate Train, McD (Nomnomnom), Dinosaurland, Pirate Ship, Bumper Boat, Space Shot, Grand Prix Fun Kart.

My day full of such 'juvenile' rides. Ngahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Speechless.

Let the pictures do the storytelling.

My hijab doesn't stay in place. Senget sana-sini.

Prosperity. Nomnomnom.

A day with Yuki, Miza, Yun, Apis and Joe.

We missed the last bus to KL Sentral. So then, terpaksa membazir RM25 seorang naik kereta sapu!

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Nekmo said...

haip...DG..berapa kos nak g sana?....macam mana perjalanan dia...nek apa pe sume...ang cite ar sket...kot2 murah...aku leh p pulak...xpernah p ouh..haha....XD

Dg Ndr Mstkln said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. XD

@✿nenek moden✿
nnt aku pm ang kt fb naa. XD